CrushGrind®, the original ceramic mechanism®.

image When CrushGrind® was introduced in 1994, 80-90% of all pepper grinders on the market did not work after a short period of use.

CrushGrind® revolutionized the grinding business by introducing a very high quality, small, unique mechanism designed in shape, material and hardness to grind not only pepper but also salt, spices and even coffee.

Today a CrushGrind® mechanism is sold every 20 seconds, 24 hours a day! CrushGrind® is inside high profiled brands worldwide.

CrushGrind® has done more than introduce ceramic material. With it came a whole new way of thinking, when it comes to grinding.

New Product!

MakeEdge® Pop-Up Knife Honers

The MakeEdge® Pop-Up knife honers are designed to be installed in butcher blocks and cutting boards. They are spring loaded to pop out when you need to hone your knives, and then can be pressed back in to hide flush when not in use.

MakeEdge® can be used on both plain edged and round serrated knives.

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